Helping one paw at a time.

D. Stapf

When my husband and I got our first puppy we were so nervous to begin any sort of training with him. We knew how intelligent goldens are but we still had our doubts being first time doggie parents. Shaina made us feel very welcomed and comfortable allowing our pup to interact with others.

Shaina is very patient, flexible with schedules and an outstanding trainer. Highly recommended!

P. Hopf

Thanks again for being such a magnificent trainer for our family and our puppies…in that order. You have helped enormously with the transitions from “troublesome little puppies” to loved members of the family.

R. Walker

A smart and fun, 5-year old Boston Terrier needed a family. Andrea helped us connect with Benny’s foster family, and we brought him home. She then came over and observed him, our interactions, his temperment, our set up (she was familiar with our house and yard). She made sure we knew some fundamental characteristics of Boston Terriers. She helped me learn several commands and offered constructive guidance on food, exercise, discipline and rewards. ALL of this guidance from Andrea is why I believe Benny has made a successful adaptation to our home and we are feeling comfortable and in control of him. Honestly, there are several ideas Andrea had that would have never occurred to me ( or may be would have but too late to make them work).

C. Fair

We just completed the 5 week training class and are amazed at what Beckham, our gentle, affectionate, Bichon has learned.  Jake, our Pawtopia trainer,  has a very easy going and relaxed manner.  He explained every step of the class in a clear and friendly way.  Encouragement and correction were in even doses and lots of 1 to 1 assistance was given to each dog.  There was also a sprinkling of good humor with his instruction, which everyone appreciated. Jake showed personal interest to each family and their dogs.  We feel confident to continue with Beckham’s training at home with what Jake taught and the informative handouts he gave us. We highly recommend taking your dog to Pawtopia, as it has helped us to become better pet owners and helped Beckham to become a more well mannered dog.

L. Gracia

The private training session with Alexa for my 12-week old puppy has dramatically improved my puppy’s behavior. Alexa taught me numerous techniques to help handle my puppy’s behavior issues. Everything she taught me has been extremely useful not only for myself but the entire family. 
Alexa’s expertise are very apparent and she shared many tips on how to better care for my puppy to ensure her wellbeing. I strongly recommend a training session with Alexa. Every new puppy owner must meet with Alexa at least once to learn training techniques that will ensure a happy new life with puppy!

M. Schiff

As my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy grew bigger, I knew that Horatio was going to need more training than I could give him. I wanted to socialize Horatio and feel comfortable letting him play with other dogs. He has a sweet disposition and loves to play but his size intimidates other dogs, as well as their owners, and I needed help. Jake worked with Horatio and I teaching me commands that would help keep Horatio under control at the dog park. I learned consistency of message and also other tricks to keep control of the dog in public. Now I feel much more comfortable and Horatio is firmly under voice and gesture control. Thanks Jake!

F. Sueltz

I had just about given up matching wits with my genius standard poodle, after

spending almost a thousand dollars on different trainers. Then I met Shaina. Besides being an excellent trainer, I believe she also qualifies as a dog therapist. Her method of praise and respect for my dog’s ways of thinking and acting were rewarded by my Prince’s respect and absolute love for her. Now Prince

and I are Volunteer Pet Therapists at a local hospital, thanks to Shaina first training my Prince, and then training me!

B. Ingalls

As you know, I am a magician. Most magicians fool people with tricks and misdirection. Since hiring you to train our two Golden Retriever puppies, I have determined that you are a true magician. You use no smoke or mirrors, only your many years of experience and your loving, firm, but gentle care. Thank you so much for all that you have done.

M. Sears

Alexa is amazing! After having sent Merlin to a local doggie day care for over a year, he was asked to leave for “poor behavior” and we were told his behavior was hard to correct by this other company. I was honestly heartbroken by this news and was worried with having an infant in our house, we might not be able to keep Merlin. After our first one hour visit with Alexa, honest to goodness, our anxieties and fears were completely eased.There are so many other good things I can say about Alexa but the bottom line is, we had tried other trainers and no one gave the attention or care to Merlin, my husband, and I like Alexa has.

C. Randolph PhD

Colleen Demling is a gem. She is responsible, reliable, thoughtful, and highly-skilled as a trainer. Her understanding of what motivates animals leads them to respond to her quickly and with relative ease. Our highly energetic Australian Shepherd adores Colleen, and has benefited enormously from the work she has put into him. We can only rave about her.

V. Cugnasca

My dog was a monster when I rescued him from the pound — I was desperate! I interviewed several trainers, but none came close to or could compare with Ms. Demling! Her level of professionalism, of comfort with my dog, and her ability to train me sold me. My dog is now an angel!

B. Sroujieh

Recipient of Assistance Dog Shana from Canine Companions for Independence

She (Colleen) was our dog’s trainer. She did a fantastic job with Shana. The dog is highly trained and responsive to all verbal commands. Colleen also helped to teach me and my son how to handle the dog properly. She certainly played an important role in making our team a success and for that I am thankful and grateful.

N. Simpson

Pawtopia classes have been a fun and engaging experience for our puppy and us humans!  The classes are straightforward and focus on achievable goals and positive reinforcement and allows for each dog to experience success at his/her own pace.  There’s no lack of discipline but you really get the feeling that the trainers zero in and what your dog is good at and needs to work on and brings out the best in them rather than fixating on what they can’t do.  There’s always homework with helpful hints and our trainer was always available to us for questions and recommendations which has been an added level of service that we’ve really benefited from.  I highly recommend Pawtopia training and know my pup say the same to her friends!