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Puppy Training Tips 101!


In honor of National Puppy Day, we give you a few quick tips to help prepare your puppy for success!


Restaurant Etiquette for Your Pooch

Want to take your pup out to your favorite eatery but not sure what to do? Colleen from Pawtopia will gives you some quick tips on how to make every outing a successful one.

5 Things Your Dog Trainer Won’t Tell You!

Always wondered what a dog trainer REALLY thought about you and your dog? Watch this lively discussion about the secrets of dog trainers with U and Me This Morning in Chicago.

5 Myths of Shelter Dogs

Thinking of adopting a dog but hear all these horror stories of the local shelter being full of bad pups? Colleen busts the 5 common myths of adoptable dogs.

Dress ‘Em Up Right!

Want to dress your pup up right but also keep him safe? We give you all the tips you need when we visited The Pet Show Dr. Katy in Washington, DC

A Posh Pooch at The Ritz-Carlton

With a little hard work and training guidance from Pawtopia, every pup can become a movie star! Congratulations to our client and his dog, BJ, the black lab, for BJ’s video debut in this promotional piece for the Ritz Calrton.

Teach Your Pup the “Leave It” Command

The “Leave It” is a versatile command that helps to teach your dog that he must not make his own decisions about things in the environment. He should instead look to you for guidance. The Leave It is can be used to stop your dog from eating food dropped on the floor or even regain his attention when he is barking at another dog when out on a walk. To see how to teach your dog Leave It, check out the instructional video that we did in partnership with Muttropolis. read more…

Adopting a New Dog

Colleen Demling, of Pawtopia Training, explains the things to consider when adopting a new dog.