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Pawtopia understands that a group class may not always fit the individual needs of you or your dog.

We pride ourselves on offering top notch, customized in-home dog training. We will come to your home at a time that is best for you, and develop a personalized program based on your dog’s personality and your training goals.

We do not sell packages or require you to purchase a large amount of lessons up front. Our goal is to make training as cost effective and time efficient as possible, not lock you into a high price contract.

We want to ensure your satisfaction with the program so we offer a flat fee per hour session. The fee is $130/session and also includes email, text, and phone support between sessions so that we are ALWAYS there to support you throughout the training process and not just that hour we are at your house.

We tend to see most clients about 3-4 times but some issues can be addressed in just a visit!

Pawtopia’s private lessons are:

Customized As with people, each dog is different. Pawtopia recognizes and celebrates these differences. We will personally design a training course that fits the needs of your dog and the goals of your family.

Private The whole session will be totally devoted to helping you and your dog succeed.

Convenient No more sitting in traffic as you rush to an obedience class! Pawtopia’s trainers come to your home at a time that is convenient for you.

Results Oriented Our mission is to achieve your training goals as quickly as possible!


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