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There are many different things to consider when picking a collar. But remember, that no matter which you chose, there is no “quick fix” in training and that your dog will also need lots of treats, praise, and guidance to become the good dog you are looking for.

Flat Buckle Collar

Every dog should wear one with ID tags attached. If it is a young dog that goes to dog parks frequently or has another dog at home that he/she plays rough with, the collar should have a snap buckle that can easily be released if the dog gets tangled up with another dog. The collar should fit be comfortable and fit about 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

Martingale Collar

This is a great collar for dogs that pull a little or one’s that like to slip out of their collar. The chain martingales are the best since they release easier and the sound from the chain correction helps to train the dog to not pull. The collar should fit tight around the dog’s neck. This collar should only be on during walks since it tightens around the dog’s neck and can cause injury if this happens by accident when the owner is not home.

Gentle Leader/Halti/Snoot Loop

This is not a muzzle. It’s great for dogs that are strong pullers or dog’s that are reactive to other dogs. The owner should desensitize the dog to the collar for a week in the house before they start using it on a walk. If the dog is extremely reactive, the gentle leader should be attached to a martingale collar to assure that the dog won’t break free from the owner during a reaction.

Easy Walk/Sensation Harness

This is a great option for small dogs that pull or larger dogs that do not desensitize to the gentle leader. Most dogs show instant improvement in their leash manners. Many owner’s put the harness on wrong. The different color strap should be underneath the dog’s legs.

Chain Collar

The chain collar is not a good option for most pet owners since the collar is frequently used wrong and becomes a “choke chain”. The excessive pressure on the neck can cause health issues for the dog. If someone is on a chain collar, they should switch to a martingale collar immediately.

Prong Collar

These collars are very powerful and should only be used in very limited circumstances, under the advice and guidance of a professional trainer for very strong and confident dogs. They should never be put on small or fearful dogs.