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3 Most Independent Dog Breeds, According To A Canine Behaviorist

3 Most Independent Dog Breeds, According To A Canine Behaviorist

Welcoming a new dog into your life is a huge commitment. If you're a busy family that's constantly on the go, you might want to make sure that any pup you bring home is OK with hanging out solo at times. Choosing an independent dog breed could increase the...

The 3 Smartest Dog Breeds, According to a Dog Behaviorist

The 3 Smartest Dog Breeds, According to a Dog Behaviorist

Adding a dog to your family can bring you lots of joy, but it also comes with a ton of hard work. Training a pup is a big job, but it's one that might get a little easier if your new fur baby comes from one of the smartest dog breeds. Read more at

Meet Colleen Demling

Meet Colleen Demling

SDVoyager would like to  introduce you to Colleen Demling, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CDBC. Read more at SDVoyager

10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Your Dog!

10 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Your Dog!

Bringing your dog on your summer vacation? Want him to enjoy it as much as you do? Here are ten travel tips for stress-free travel with your pup! Read More at Smart Animal Training

How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby: Myth vs. Reality

How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby: Myth vs. Reality

You’ve mastered pet parenting, but now it’s time for the human kind. Your little bundle of joy is on the way, and you might be worried about how your dog or dogs will react. We’re separating myth from reality with California trainer and founder of Pawtopia Dog...

Pawtopia is the Best Dog Trainer in San Diego!

Pawtopia is the Best Dog Trainer in San Diego!

With the busy nature of life, it can be hard to find the time to train your dog, especially if you have a stubborn and high-energy canine. Like most local businesses, Pawtopia sets the standards to big box trainers, like Petco, because they’re passionate about their...

Puppy Training Tips 101!

In honor of National Puppy Day, we give you a few quick tips to help prepare your puppy for success!

How to Get Fit With Your Dog

How to Get Fit With Your Dog

The new year is here—aka resolution season—and getting fit usually tops the list of New Year’s pledges. Studies show it’s easier to succeed when you have a workout partner, and what better workout buddy than your dog? Read More on...

Feeling Depressed? There’s a Dog for That.

Sometimes when you’re down, all it takes is a lick to the face or a sweet cuddle from your furry friend to lift your spirits. But what if your stress runs deep, if you’re anxious and nervous to leave the house, and find yourself depressed or even suicidal—can a dog...

The People End of Dog Training

ATTN DOG TRAINERS! We know that we can train dogs and we love working with them. But what about the people end of dog training? Sometimes it’s not easy to motivate owners to do the work that you know will help their dog. Dog trainer Colleen Demling, CDBC, CBCC-KA,...

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

Tips for keeping your senior dog healthy and happy! Plus, we feature Darla, a sweet Lab from Labs and More, who is looking for her forever home!

The 3 Most Important Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Ghosts, goblins, loads of chocolate, and dogs don’t always mix well. Halloween is a holiday full of not-so-hidden dangers and is probably not your furry friend’s favorite day of the year. Read More on 

5 Dog Training Realities Every Pet Parent Needs to Know

Life with a dog is great. Life with a well-trained dog? Well, that’s even better. Showing off cool new tricks is one thing, but having a dog obey your commands in life-threatening situations is the most important reason to train. Read More on 

Tackling Training–Pet Elite Magazine

Colleen Demling explains how careful forethought and preparation can lay the foundation form a mutually profitable retailer/dog trainer partnership. Please see page 34 Read More at Pet Elite

How to Keep Your Puppy Safe Around Your Kids

Common sense can go a long way when keeping kids safe from dogs, but do you know how to keep your puppy safe around your kids? Immaturity and excitement on both ends of the relationship can spell disaster when puppies and kids merge lives without these puppy safety...

How to Save Money on Pet Costs

Follow these tips to spend less on food, toys, supplies, grooming and medical care for your pets. Read More on Kiplinger

Restaurant Etiquette For Your Pooch!

We know your dog is part of the family, so when you go to a restaurant, you want him to go with you! Before you get Fido dressed to impress in his favorite collar and sweater, get the 411 on all the etiquette you need to know before dining with your doggie. Read More...

Dress ‘Em Right Pet Fashion Insider Tips From A Dog Trainer

When designing clothes it is important to have a variety of sizes that fit all dogs. Adjustable for both length and girth are critical because many clients, who want clothes for their dogs, aren’t able to do so because they can’t find ones that fit properly. Continue...

Congratulations on Your New Adoption

You adopted a new dog? Congratulations! Your new family member will bring you laughter and love, but how you introduce your dog to your house and your life will make a huge difference between success and STRESS! Continue Reading at Pet Radio Show

A Doggone Good Tail

Therapy dogs helping the military at Naval Medical Center San Diego. Therapy Dogs

Taking Your Pup Out in Public

With spring just around the corner, many people want to start taking their dog out in public. But before you take your dog to your favorite hangouts, follow these four tips to make sure the public and staff at these establishments enjoy your dog as much as you do....

7 Easy Tips For Choosing A Trainer

Picking a dog trainer can be just as important as picking a dog since this new expert will help you learn how to communicate, teach and fix any problem behaviors you may be having with your pooch. Continue Reading at Smythe Magazine

Why Use a Harness?

For many dogs, a versatile harness is a great alternative to a collar as they can eliminate pressure from your dogs neck — preventing possible trachea and neck injury. From a training perspective, dog harnesses are useful for teaching your pup not to pull as the...

Steppin’ Out for the First Time with your Pup!

It's fun to take your dog with you to the local pet store or out to lunch, but the first time you step out together in public can be nerve racking for both you and your dog! To ensure that your outing is enjoyable and stress-free follow these simple tips: Continue...

Pawsitive Behavior

Dog trainers at Pawtopia believe that you are the most vital component of your dog’s training. Pawsitive Behavior

Preparing Your Pet for the “New Kid”

If your pet pushes to get between you and your newborn, steals baby blankets or goes into hiding, don't assume he's jealous and needs time to "get over it." Jealous Pet

New Baby Petiquette

Bringing home a new baby turns life upside down for everyone in the household, including your pet. Petiquette