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Doggy day care can provide a great outlet for a pup’s excess energy as well as give her the opportunity with other like minded canines. To help your pup succeed follows these tips:

Play It Cool– It will be thrilling to see your pup at the end of the day but remember that if you get really excited, so will she which may cause her to jump, bark, or yank on the leash. Then if you correct her for these naughty behaviors it really isn’t fair since you were the one that got her excited in the first place!  Instead stay calm when you see your dog. This will help her be calm too.

Be Polite-Most dogs LOVE daycare and can’t wait to get there! But if your pup drags you out of the car, into the lobby, and then jumps on every person she sees she is less likely to behave herself during daycare. As a result, have your pup sit 5 times between the car and the front door of the day care. If she starts to pull you, say No, and stop. Once there is slack in the leash, start walking again and praise her. It may take you a little extra time but it will ensure she has a great day at daycare!

Clear Communication-Make sure to always fully communicate with the day care staff. Does your dog seem a little off today? Did she get in a minor scuffle at the dog park over the weekend? Does she have a new found obsession for balls? Has there been any change in health or behavior at home? If so, tell the staff.  This will make sure they adjust anything they need to, to ensure that your pup has a great day.