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Dogs in San Diego are as spoiled by the goods weather as we are so when it rains getting them to go potty outside can be a battle that may end up with them peeing inside the house.

Here are 5 tips to make those rainy days not so stressful and wet for you, your pup, and your carpet.

Go Potty! Go potty! This starts way before the storm comes but it is critical to teach your pup to pee on command so when it’s raining and you put him outside he has an idea of what it is you want him to do. To teach this, take your dog outside to an area  where he normally pees, as he is sniffing tell him to “go potty”. Once he starts to go, say “good potty”. When he finishes, throw him the biggest puppy party ever! It will take him several weeks for him to learn to go on command but all that hard work will pay dividends when it’s raining!

Get your rain gear on!When it rains, we like to shove our dogs out the backdoor and stand inside convincing them to go potty but they stand right by the door trying to convince you to let them back in! So get on your raincoat and go outside with your dog. Once the dog is in the middle of the yard he is more likely to go. And as much as you and he may hate it, you may also have to walk him. The exercise will not only stimulate his bladder but once he senses you’re serious he will get down to business.

Get him use to wet grass. Except for a few rainy months, our pups never have to walk or pee on wet grass. Imagine how you would feel walking barefoot on wet grass if you’ve never felt it before! So during the dry summer, encourage your dog to potty on the grass right after it is watered. If he gets used to the feeling, the peeing in the rain is no big deal.

On leash! Some dogs will go on strike when the weather turns despite our best efforts. If your pup does this, you must keep him on leash when he is in the house with you. Even a dog that has been housebroken for years will sneak off into a guest room to use the bathroom if given the chance. If he refuses to go outside, keep him with you and then take him outside again an hour later. Eventually Mother Nature will give in and he will have to go in the rain.

Look for cover. If it’s pouring outside we can also encourage our dogs to potty under some cover like a roof ease. Also, different services like wood chips or rocks may be easier for our pup to pee on the grass and dirt.