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Play is an important part of the puppy’s life. Not only does it give him an outlet for his puppy energy but it is increases your bond with him and since you are the one creating the proper games and setting the rules. Remember a tired puppy is a GOOD puppy.

There should be at least two 30-45 minute exercise sessions per day. Long walks, fetch, and dog parks are a great way to burn energy. Do not jog with the puppy on pavement or for long distances before he is 1 years old since it could cause physical problems later in life.

Be sure that YOU decide when a game should start or end. For example, if he drops a ball in your lap, do not begin a game of fetch. Instead wait for a time that is convenient for you and then encourage the puppy to play.

Do not rough house with the puppy or engage in any type of play that encourages him to be “mouthy”, growl or jump because, although these behaviors can be cute when he is young, you are reinforcing bad habits that will be difficult to get rid of later when he is full grown.

Do not play “chase” with your puppy because it shows him that running away from you is really fun so he is less likely to “come” when you call him. Instead, make sure he always chases you.

Have Fun! Playtime should be fun for you and your puppy so enjoy it!