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Finding a good breeder can be time consuming but it is VERY important. Many temperament and health issues can be prevented with proper breeding. Make sure to buy your puppy from a breeder who:

Knows extensive information about the breed. The breeder should be able to talk to you about the proper breed standards including size, body proportion, head shape, and coloring. They should also tell you about common genetic disorders and what they have done to screen for these disorders in the new litter of puppies.

Keeps the puppies in a clean and home like environment. Your do g w ill not be living in a cage so it shouldn’t grow up in one!

Is recommended to you by your vet, groomer, local kennel club or other trusted resource.

Will allow you to talk to families who have dogs from previous litters.

Require that they meet and interview YOU! Responsible breeders invest time and energy in making sure that the puppy’s temperament matches the lifestyle of the new family.

Has a waiting list. If a breeder constantly has dogs available then it is a sign that s/he is more interested in making money then producing quality dogs.

Is interested in looks AND temperament. The breeder should be able to talk to you about what temperament tests the puppies go through as well as what type of personality each dog has. They should be heavily involved in helping you pick the puppy that is right for your family.

Offers a health guarantee and will take the dog back at any age if you are unable to keep it. If the breeder cares enough about a dog to take it back after 2 years, then s/he cares enough to breed a quality dog.

Beware of Breeders who:

Sells puppies on a first come, first serve basis. If a breeder is not concerned about placing the right dog in the right home then they are not concerned enough to ensure that proper breeding standards are adhered to and that the puppy has been adequately cared for during the first critical weeks of life.

Brags that their puppies are AKC or papered. The American Kennel Club will register any dog as long as it is a purebred. This registration does not guarantee that the dog is healthy or comes from a good breeder.