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Start by discouraging others from feeding him from the table. It not only reinforces his behavior but some human food can actually be dangerous for pups.

Even if you are giving him meat, the butter, oil and spices we often use during cooking can upset his stomach. However, we understand that it may be harder to train your guests (or kids!) then your dog so if you think people won’t listen to the “No Table Scraps” rule, we suggest putting a small bowl on the table. Any time someone looks into his sweet face and wants to give him a little snack, they can instead put that piece in the bowl. When the meal is done and the dishes are put away, you can then put the dog safe contents from the bowl into his dog dish. This makes the guests happy and wont’ reinforce your pup’s begging.

Second, teach your dog to go a dog bed or blanket on command. To do this, put him on leash and lead him to his bed. As soon as his entire body is on the bed, say “Bed” to mark the behavior, and then reward with a treat and praise. Keep your dog on the bed until you release them with the word “Ok”. If he leaves the bed before being release, Say NO and gently lead him back onto the bed. Slowly build up the time he has to stay on the bed until he can comfortably lay there for extended periods of time both on and off leash. To increase his desire to perform this command sprinkle his favorite treats on the bed when he isn’t looking. When he wanders over he will find the treats and this will enourage him to stay there more often. Once he has learned the command, you can send him to his bed while you are eating dinner. Don’t forget to reward him when he is being good by either getting up from the table to pet him or by tossing dog treats to him from the table. Again this teaches your dog that the best place to be during dinner is away from the table and on his bed.


Finally, you can always give your dog a yummy bone or interactive toy that he only gets when you are eating. With repetition he will learn that his bone/toy is better then you dinner and he will entertain himself away from the table.