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Halloween is our favorite time of year but we want to make sure our dog likes it too. Any tips?

Halloween is just around the corner and although all of the ghosts and goblins can be fun for kids and adults alike, Fido may have a different perspective! Below are 5 tips to make sure your dog has as much fun as you do!

Are you laughing with him or at him? You may think the hottest new dog costume is great but unless your pup is use to wearing dog clothes, he may not understand the appeal of becoming a pumpkin or ghost for a night. Your dog will probably be under enough stress with all of the trick or theaters coming to the door that you should resist dressing him up unless he really seems to like it.

Ignore the sweet tooth. Kids love to get candy for Halloween which means there will be lots of chocolate around the house. But remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs so have all candy out of reach. If you want Fido to join you in the fun, get some treats from the local pet store or make some special dog cookies at home!

Beware of the door! Seeing all the costumes can be fun but having so many people come to the door can be stressful to your dog-especially when its superman, a vampire, and a power ranger. Make sure your dog is locked in a separate room or is wearing a leash so he doesn’t sneak out when the door is open! Your dog should also be wearing current ID tags in case he does escape.

Walk Early. Take your dog out on a long walk before dusk. It will ensure he is well exercised and tired before the festivities begin but it will also make sure you avoid any early trick or theaters, since your dog may not understand why the neighborhood kid he loves so much has suddenly turned into a monster Also, be sensitive to your pup if he is afraid of any Halloween decorations.

Watch the flame. Candles and Jack o lanterns are great decorations but are often in reach of wagging tails. So make sure all open flames are safely out of reach of your pup so he stays safe and nothing catches on fire!