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Moving to a new place can be nerve-racking for your pooch because he is suddenly in a different environment with new smells, sounds, and people. However, a few simple tricks will help him settle into his new home quickly!

Moving day! Moving day can be stressful for people so imagine what it is like for your dog! To help make moving day easy for him, make sure that he is locked in a spare room with his favorite toys or out for the day with a trusted friend.

Unpack Fido’s stuff first. We want to make sure that your dog understands that this is now home so unpack his toys, bed, food and dishes right away. Make sure that his things are in the same area as they were at your old home. For example, if the dog bed was in the master bedroom then put it in the master bedroom again.

Meet the neighbors! Your new home and the surrounding area are filled with different smells and people. Take Fido out for a walk and let him explore this new area. Give him extra time to sniff and investigate so he becomes familiar with his new neighborhood. Make sure that he is always on leash and that you clean up after him.

Update his information. Make sure that Fido is wearing a tag with your new phone number and address. Don’t forget to update his micro chipped information too! Finally, if you ha v e decided to take Fido to a new vet, make an appointment for a wellness check so you and your dog can meet the v et BEFORE there is an emergency.

Be Pro-Active. If Fido does not know his basic commands, then hire a trainer. You will be taking your dog on a lot of walks so make sure you can control him. Also, if he has any issues with barking, separation anxiety, or growling at other people or dogs be proactive and hire a trainer PRONTO. You want to make sure that Fido enjoys his new home and that your neighbors enjoy Fido.

Exercise! A tired dog is a happy dog. A dog with excess energy is more likely to bark, chew furniture and generally get into trouble. Make sure to give Fido at least 2 30-45 minute walks or runs per day.