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I know you want to show your new pup a good time but remember that he is just getting to know you so taking him to a dog park or any other active public area isn’t a good idea since, if he gets scared or nervous, he won’t know that he should trust or listen to your guidance.

This can set both of you up for possible disaster such as a dog fight at the park or having nip a stranger in public. Instead, you want to make sure your dog has a quiet and stable environment while he is adjusting to your home for the first two weeks. This will allow him to bond with you and learn to trust you before he has to meet the rest of the neighborhood. Just think of all the stress he has recently gone through! Give him time to relax and get familiar with his new life. Once he adjusts to you, give him at least 3 new experiences every week. Wear a large hat while you feed him breakfast. Drop a book. Skip around the house. Show him a skateboard. Introduce him to the landscaper. Have him meet friendly dogs on leash.

DO NOT take your dog to a dog park until you are sure he is dog friendly and has learned his basic commands such as Leave It, Stay, and Come. This will make sure that his first experience at the park is a positive one.