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Your dog needs to get ready for his trip just like the family does.

  • Updated ID- Check your pets ID tags and Microchip information to ensure they are updated with a current cell phone number. Also, add a second tag that has the address and phone number of where you will be staying when you are traveling.
  • Play it Safe-Just in case the worst happens and you have to take your pet to the vet while you are traveling, you want to make sure you have all pertinent information such as important medical history and vaccination records.
  • Pack a Bag-Make sure to bring everything your pet may need including an extra leash, their favorite toy, any needed medication, and plenty of food. You don’t want to risk the local pet store not caring the needed things to keep your pup happy! If you have a sensitive pet, you should also pack a couple of containers of your local water since some pets will resist drinking water that tastes different from what they are use too.
  • Home away from Home-When you arrive at your destination, give your pet time to adjust to his new surroundings. Take him on a walk. Put his things out. Hang out as he gets use to all of the different sounds and smells. This will help him feel relaxed and calm when you do have to leave him alone.